Monday, April 04, 2011

Obit to a Butterfly

On Friday, April 1, Milt the Monarch Butterfly passed on after an accident involving the bumper of a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Milt, 106 days, was the 300th son of Roger and Mabel Grace Monarch. He was born in a tree just north of the Target on El Dorado in Frisco, Texas. He lived briefly as a caterpillar before becoming a full-blown monarch about six weeks ago.

Milt was traveling east across the north bound lane of the Dallas North Tollway when he drifted lazily into the Tahoe's front bumper.

A spokesperson for the Monarch family said, "Milt never saw it coming." The driver of the vehicle, Rodney Hays, said, "Is that what that was?"

Milt leaves behind a loving wife Clara and 900 or so caterpillars still struggling to become butterflies and not be eaten by a large grackle or horny toad. He also has numerous brothers and sisters ranging in age from caterpillar to pupa to full-grown monarchs.

He was loved by all and be always remembered as a butterfly who liked to fly around and land on stuff.

A memorial service for Milt is being planned by his many relatives. He was interred in the City of Frisco sewer system after a car wash removed his remains from the front bumper of the Tahoe.

In lieu of money, relatives are asking the community to send flowers or basically any type of foliage that butterflies might find delicious.

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