Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finally ... Somebody explains curling

I've often made jokes at the expense of Olympic sport of curling. And for that, I don't apologize. After all it's still a sport that most grandmothers from Iowa could compete in and probably, with a little bit of rock spinning training - have a chance to get on the podium at the Olympics.

But somebody has taken the time to put together an explanation of what those little brooms do (read about it here).

You will probably discover, like me, that curling is not only entertaining (by providing hours and hours of things to laugh at) but is also a sport that really shouldn't be in the Olympics at all.

Finally, I'll leave you with this conversation between an Olympic Curling Coach and a curler who didn't make this year's squad.

Coach: I'm sorry, Shirley, we just don't think you have what it takes for this year's team.
Shirley: What? Can I be the broom girl or the person who cleans the ice off the broom after a run? I'll shine the rocks ... Anything.
Coach: I'm sorry, Shirley. I really am. But Bud and Earl have just worked harder than you this year.
Shirley: Bud and Earl? Those two guys who are sitting over there drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon? Is that the two guys who are going to represent the United States in the Olympic games?
Coach: Yes. I'm afraid so.
Shirley: Fine. I'll just go back to work and try out again in four years. How hard could it be?
Coach: That's the spirit, Shirl. You know this is Earl's fourth Olympic Trial. And he's 86. What an athletic specimen he is.
Shirley: Yeah. He has the body for curling. And he's doing it right now ... 12 ounces at a time.
Coach: Keep in touch, Shirley.

On second thought, maybe I do want to try curling. Heck, I could win Olympic gold for being fat and the uncanny ability to sweep.

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