Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11
It's my turn to do the remember when.
I remember just taking my kids to school when I first heard the news on WOAI in San Antonio.
I remember some of the first reports speculated a small private aircraft lost control and went into the building.
I remember not having a television and trying to get information off the Internet and radio.
I remember listening live to the radio when the second plane hit the other tower.
I remember trying to imagine the carnage since I didn't have the picture from the television.
I remember hearing all the confusion and journalist and officials trying to get to the bottom of what happened.
I remember hearing about the president trying to get back to Washington.
I remember the rumors about grounding all air traffic.
I remember hearing the reports that another plane flew into the Pentagon.
I remember the stories about those who couldn't stand the heat from the fire and jumped from the towers.
I remember hearing about the brave men and women trying to run into a burning building and save lives.
I remember hearing about the grounding of all aircraft.
I remember hearing the story about a plane going down in Pennsylvania.
I remember getting calls from everyone else asking, “Are you watching this?”
I remember everyone being totally consumed for weeks.
I remember wondering about my brother and sister-in-law who just got married on Sept. 8 and were away somewhere on their honeymoon. Were they safe? Were they hearing about what was happening?
I remember thinking how anyone could be so cruel and want to take down buildings full of innocent people.
I remember feeling helpless.
I remember worrying that it could happen again somewhere else on American soil.
I remember trying to bring comfort to a group of teenagers the next week.
I remember all the lives lost, taken way to soon by a group of crazies.
I remember trying to make sense of it all.
Now, I wonder are all those families who lost loved ones experiencing healing.
I wonder if others out there are planning to do crazy stuff again.
I wonder if the world is a safer place today than 8 years ago.
I wonder will people remember 9/11 one hundred years from now.
I wonder how 9/11 will affect the next generation of Americans.
I wonder how 9/11 will affect the next generation of Muslim extremists.
I wonder if we still live in the greatest nation on the planet.
I'm convinced we do.

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