Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is That an Ark Or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

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Rain, Rain, go away. Come again some other day! I'm serious. No, really, go away now. Please. Do it. What? More rain in the forecast? Are you serious Pete Delkus? What? 
Yes, It's raining again here in North Texas and we (mostly, me) are tired of it. It has been raining for a solid week, not including yesterday when the sun poked through the clouds for about 5 to 10 seconds. 
All this precipitation has made me appreciate a few things in life. Like now I understand a little bit about what the good people of Seattle go through almost daily. Now that I do understand and empathize with the millions of good, great U.S. Americans (Seattle is in America, right?) in the great Northwest, I have only one question: Why don't you move? 
I'm kidding of course. The rains seem to be doing a lot of good things. Here are a few:
  • My yard is now a big toxic bowl of sludge, which means I don't have to mow the grass or, as most good, great U.S. Americans, pay somebody else to mow the yard. Of course, it also means I can't walk outside without slipping into a crevice and not being discovered until October of 2247. 
  • Everybody's car looks like crap. I like to wash my car at least once a week, usually around the weekend so that it looks nice all weekend long. Since the rain started, I haven't had to wash the car. And it looks like everyone else's car. For the most part my car has pools of liquid sunshine on it at all times, but when there is a brief respite, my beautiful Aretha (the official AKC name of my car) is a muddy mess. Just like yours and yours and yours and hers and his and that guy over there in the 1963 Corvair. 
  • The temperature is a lot more comfortable for most people, especially considering it's still officially summer. I, on the other hand, don't care too much for cooler temperatures. I like it hot. Really hot. Mogadishu hot. Betty Crocker hot. Karl Rove hot (really he's not that bad without those glasses, a possibly a new hairstyle and maybe a different color suit besides navy blue). 
There are some great things about the rain. I'm glad it's here and doing it's job. The rain will nourish the plants and the fields and the animals and all the stuff that needs nourishment from Mother Nature. The rain is washing away the gook and gawk and gulk and mucky-muck from the landscape and, after the rain does subside (and it will), this little part of the world will be beautiful. Someday when the sun returns, the sunrises (which I never see) and the sunsets (which I sometimes see if I'm up in time) will be beautiful. And we might actually have a chance to see a rainbow one of these days. Those things are so pretty to look at. It's also kind of relaxing when you're sitting around when you should be working (Attention employer: Please disregard that last line).
And if you get at just the right angle, you can see that little leprechaun hiding his gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Anyhoo, until the rain subsides, I'll be busy working on my ark. Send any stray animals (or Karl Rove) my way.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the rain?

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