Tuesday, August 24, 2010

People Making Money on Youtube

Just read an interesting article about people making money on Youtube.com. You can read it here.

I mean some people are just making a little walking around money. Some people are making some I'm-bout-to-go-buy-a-Lexus-money with videos on Youtube.

And I want in.

I've been making humorous videos since I was about 19 years old (I would have started earlier but video didn't exist when I was a teenager. Well, technically it existed, but it wasn't easy to get the equipment and you definitely couldn't get an editing bay to fit in your bedroom ... never mind).

But when I started making videos people laughed. A lot of people laughed. Most of them laughed at the poor quality of the videos and choppy video edits, but they laughed and that's the goal.

I've been in videos where my buddy and I were in a bathtub talking about boys and girls talking mommy and daddy talk. I've been in videos where we mocked Calvin Klein cologne; it was called "Confession by Jesus Christ." I've done fake Bruce Lee videos and videos where I was a chef who couldn't cook. I've done a bunch. But now I found out people are making SIX FIGURES doing this videos.

There really is only one answer: Stop crying in your milk and get a camera and start making videos again. So I think that's what I'll do. I'm going to buy a freakin' camera, write a few scripts, and start producing video. I can do this. I'll be the only old dude on Youtube, but I can do this.

I have to do this.

Because you see when everybody else was out working and earning money and saving for retirement, I was out making videos. So I'm a little behind.

If anyone has a camera I can borrow until I get my first big check from Youtube, let me know.

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