Monday, October 05, 2009

Could the Shroud of Turin Be Nothing More than a Souvenir

The Shroud of Turin has been reproduced in a lab in Italy. Some Italian scientist says he has reproduced the printing a shroud much like the Shroud of Turin with the same stuff you could get in the 14th century.


They same guy is now speculating that the Shroud was printed during that time by the good folks of Turin to attract relic travelers on their journeys during that timeframe.

Just to sum this up for you: Basically, this guy is saying that Turin was some medieval Six Flags Over The Dark Ages with printed shrouds with the photo of Jesus is My Homeboy (or whatever the slang word was for homeboy during the Dark Ages: possibly Kinfolk, Holmes, or simply Dude). Or maybe it was "My Relic-Worshiping Parents Went to Turin and All I Got Was this Lousy Shroud" Tunic. Could've been cool.

This doesn't mean anything, but it is an interesting twist to one of the most argued about relics of the times of Christ.

Just a side note: the folks who are the Keepers of the Shroud of Turin are saying To Heck with the speculation and are planning on putting it on display again next year. Get you t-shirts here or better yet, here.

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